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Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” It is similar to the French phrase Raison d’être. According to Japanese culture, everyone has an ikigai, that requires deep searching one’s self. Along our path searching for the purpose of our existence, we found one thing that at the beginning and the end. That is LOVE. Love for Japan is our motivation to get up every morning to share and communicate with others who do the same. Come join us for our love for Japan! #ylovejp #whylovejapan

Since 2014, one of our owners AupairToes started her love for shoemaking so apart from posts about Japan, you can also find AupairToes’ sharing of her shoemaking journey on this website. Feel free to reach out from this same page. #bespokeshoemaking #AupairToes

You can find us by emailing to info@ylovejp.com

Instagram: YLoveJapan

Twitter: YLoveJapan

Facebook: YLoveJapan

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