100+ Years Old Businesses Series – Sakan Ryokan, Modernized Inside

Akiu is the nearest hot spring resort in Sendai, the hub city in Thohoku region,  northeastern Japan. The Akiu Hot Spring is among the three oldest hot springs in Japan. The name "Sakan" comes from a man named Kanzaburo Satoh who first started a small "ryokan" (Japanese inn) in Akiu about 1,000 years ago. His descendants have carried on the tradition for generations ever since. Today, Sakan is owned by the family's 34th generation.

(hotel lobby)

Different from Koman, the 2nd oldest hotel in Japan, Sakan is more spacious and has been modernized in many more aspects including a Conference Center with 50 meeting rooms that can host 1000 people at the same time. The reputation of Akiu Hot Spring also drives more international visitors f whose appetite can be satisfied by more diversified food options from Restaurant MIKURIYA, Wine Bar KURA KURA and Japanese Restaurant and Bar HAGI-TEI.  Sakan also has its own tea lounge, SPA/salon, gift shop, and swimming pool which are more common in an international 5 star hotel then a traditional hotel like Koman. 

(photo credit to Sakan's official website)

Like many other hot spring nearby Japanese hotel, Sakan offers Japanese style public bathrooms. Its legacy history is exhibited in the hotel's historical gallery which was built 400 years ago as the old lobby. The view overlooking the Natori River and mountains is wonderful in different seasons. 

Weather you prefer the western style living room or a Japanese tatami room, you will find the feeling at home in this modernized 1000 years old hotel. 

(photo credit to Sakan's official website)
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