Architecture in Memo Pads – Japanese Aesthetics

How different a memo pad could be? Japanese company Triad's Omoshiroi Block is giving us the surprise. Adjective おもしろい/Omoshiroi has basically two meanings, 'interesting' or 'funny', which can be used in vary situations. One thing comes from both meanings, which is positivity, what we experience while watching at all these beautifully designed memo pads. 

Tearing off the papers from an Omoshiroi Block gradually excavates mini versions of famous Japanese buildings, including our favorite temple, Kiyomizu-dera as the following. One block has 100 sheets of paper. It is made via laser-cut to leave behind the hidden 3D shape of the architecture. 

Not only shapes but also color plays make tearing off the paper a amazing view or setting creation experience. Some blocks contains the object itself like a building, piano, camera, and violin but others include a setting including 4 color version of the Kiyomizu-dera above, Kyoto street in autumn leaves, and train out of a platform, etc. Omoshiroi Blocks now cost between $36 and $90 depending on the size, and they’re only available at Tokyu Hands stores in Osaka and Kyoto. They once has online store on the company's website but it's so popular that the site was overwhelmed to shut down. Actually all products are out of stock right now. More product photos can be found at Triad's Instagram