Pattern Fitting and Sewing

AupairToes had always preferred making things to drawing sth. pretty. However working on the pattern of her first bespoke, AupairToes realized how closely those two things work together rather than separately. From the shape to materials, a bespoke shoemaker helps his or her customers to realized their dream shoes whether due to the design or

Last Modification

AupairToes didn’t find pointed-toe flat last so she had to alternate a normal round-toe flat last. Good last costs a big chunk in making a decent pair or shoes. Bespoke shoemakers only order lasts from trustworthy network or suppliers usually they know personally. In this case, we got our first size 6 1/2 women’s flat

BeSpoke Shoemaking

AupairToes never heard of bespoke until she started learning that herself. After creating the first design with a pair of sandals at The Art of Shoes in Austin, TX, AupairToes was ready to learn more and she found Zoe Rios, who is a half self-taught bespoke shoemaker now based in Austin, TX. Surprisingly, as the

Is Rothy’s Washable Shoe Worth the Money?

To answer the question first. Is Rothy’s worth the money? No according to AupairToes’ case. Let her explain more. AupairToes has been looking for affordable durable (e.g. at least one year daily wearing capability) and well-designed flats even before we become cautiously living more eco-friendly. Reasons are simple As busy professionals and children care-givers, people

First Design Ever

It was since 2014, AupairToes had this dream of shoemaking, but only flats. Growing up in busy city life that requires a lot of walking, transitioning from point to point during the day, she wears the most one type of shoes, the flat, and became obsessed with it. What is a good pair of flat?