Dice Bag – Japanese Aesthetics

If you play board games, you might need a bag to store all your favorite game supplies including dices. We met Chris today, who is half Taiwanese and half Hispanic. As most full-time software engineers, he has a hobby at the side. He makes dice bags, in a unique triangle shape.


We asked, why this shape? Simple answer from Chris, he basically just wanted to make a bag that stands. It turns out to be a cool and smart design! Obviously, Chris has a lot of love for Japan so he got most of his fabric from a local store that is specialized in Japanese fabrics. Chris' brand of his company is Kaiju, which means monsters in Japanese. It represents the owner's 'strange' ideas out of box.

Guess which dice bag we brought home? Kaiju has another fanny pack line if you are interested. Their merchandising portal at Etsy will show a quite fool product portfolio if you are interested. 

P.s those triangles look so much like a tasty onigiri so we have to take at least one home 😉


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