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Can you believe that we have kept using iPhone SE until last month? We loved 4-inch small screen as it fits our pockets, very thin and lean to carry anywhere, and it's also easy for small hand to operate with one hand. Unfortunately, there is no more good 4-inch smartphone on the market anymore and our old iPhone XS has a battery dying down quickly. Size and weight are still the priorities when we searched for our new mobile phone. After some research, we ended up with iPhone XS.

Now, changing a phone is not just getting the equipment, there are all the incremental costs people ignored when they were thinking about purchasing a phone. All those include the screen cover, phone case, any other accessories that fit the new phone, etc. Adding up, there are a lot of money, time of choosing and materials especially non eco-friendly ones involved from packaging to recycling after use life is over. To be a cautious consumer is the first step to live more eco-friendly.

So, we did some homework regarding the phone case we need to purchase. There are all kinds of options as mentioned in articles like 27 Cool Phone Cases: Eco-Friendly, Wood, Bamboo, Recycled & Vegan!  However, if you dig further, there is either manufacturing process still involved with a lot of chemicals, poor labor or there is still quite a lot plastics or non eco-friendly materials involved. We found Pela doing a great job answering customers' questions at their FAQ page where we found positive answers regarding the material, process and other things Pela uses to make their phone cases eco-friendly. 

Pela Case Details

The other reason we bought Pela is it's the best eco-friendly option available at if you are like us would like to leverage Apple's trade-in program. We traded in our old iPhone SE for $50 giftcard that covers the total cost of $39 Pela mobile case below + tax. In this case, we recycled our old phone through Apple's trade in program and get a new phone case for free! Pela phone case for new iPhones are only available at (link after the pictures). For earlier versions of iPhones or Android phones, you can find options on amazon like this link.

Hope our experience can give you more ideas about consuming with cautions.

Pela Phone Case for iPhone XS (only at Apple)

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