Kansai+Tokyo Trip Day 6 – Odaiba Tokyo

How can we miss our favorite sushi place in Tokyo? However, we have to get there early as it only opens 5:30am-2pm or earlier if their materials get sold out, which could be the common case. We have talked about this place when it was still at Tsukiji market two years ago. Check out details at this earlier article



After it was moved to the new location inside the Toyosu Fish Market, the long line waiting is way much painful. Last time, we waited outside in the rain and wind for solid 3 hours in the morning. We had to buy clothes (short sleeves t-shirts were the only goodies we could find nearby) to fight against the bad weather. At the new location, still cash only, two options on the menu (basically, one adult chef set and one child set). The store was expanded with 50% more seats so this helps to reduce the waiting as well. There are great reviews and tips with details instructions of this place. Check it out here. The train that takes you to Toyosu Fish Market in Odaiba area gives you beautiful ocean views. That's an additional upside in the morning or on the way back after delicious ocean freshness





Odaiba area is great for shopping. Several shopping malls are connected closely in walking distance. We found this wonderful eye-opening electric and modern art show called teamLab Borderless. It costs ¥3200 yen per person but totally worth it. You an easily spend 3 hours and more there. There are multiple exhibit halls and several secret ones to be discovered. We strongly recommend you to do some research before you go to manage time efficiently and save walking time. It does involve a lot of walk. The inside is way bigger than it looks like from outside, we would say. Some great tips can be found online at articles like this one. The exhibits are highly interactive with sound, visual effects, feelings, touching and more. 




Click the picture below. It's a quick clip video


We took an afternoon tea break at Diver City, the huge shopping mall famous for real size Gundam at it's front outside. There are a Gundam cafe and a small shop next to the statue. On top floor of the mall, you can also spend time at GunPla with free exhibition of Gundam figures over the years or go to the paid Dome-G to watch a short Gundam movies (7-15 minutes). We got some cool t-shirt from the small shop last time we visited and went to quickly tour around the free area on top of the mall. Wish we could spend 1-2 hours. More tips can be found at this article


Apart from the Gundam specialties, we found a super fancy cotton candy themed coffee shop at the first floor. Who can resist the colorful clouds floating on top of your coffee or milk tea? We love white clouds but you can get rainbow color or any other color mix as you choose. It's just so dreamy as the place's name Decora Creamery



We went to hang out with our friends at top review BBQ place at Shibuya area. Just learned that day actually Japanese BBQ was originally from Korea so Korean BBQ is the most authentic. Wherever it was from, the beef was melting and full of flavor. Surely, we love ponzu (grapefruit) sauce mixed with soy sauce. Now we could call it a day!