Kansai+Tokyo Trip Day 8 (Final) – Departure

This article will be short and sweet. To save costs, we chose to arrive and depart via Kansai Airport so the last day, we just packed quickly, checked out the hotel and started our half-day train/Shinkansen journey from Shinjuku to Osaka to Kansai Airport. By the way, kawaii culture is everywhere in Japan. See the Hello Kitty road boards on the construction site. The girls' group's latest song on the big screen also kept everyone energized.


Time management is key so leave enough time to transit, walk, eat, restroom etc and work backwards from the flight departure time. One accident on the last day was the bento on Shinkansen which actually got us traveler's bug. Obviously all Japanese bento on the trains are cold because that can help avoid smell of the food from disturbing other travelers. However, this does have risk of getting stomach issue as the food is not preserved in a refrigerator. I would say we just got back luck. 


Other then that, Kansai Airport is very small so you will not get lost. This also means, you may not see a lot of shopping options once you passes through the security line so make sure you don't miss any shops. If you see anything that you'd like to buy, don't hesitate. We got the famous while lover cookies from Hokkaido and other things like the nice green tea flavors cake roll from probably the only and busiest shop before the gates. 

JAL airlines' in-flight food is serious. They have chef competition every year to invite Michelin star level chef to create dishes for the flights. We didn't get to enjoy much due to the stomach issue but we loved JAL's services overall. One of the best airlines in the world










We gonna miss Japan, our favorite country for traveling and can't wait to come back soon! (last video below of Kansai Airport, one built on an artificial island)