World’s Best Kindergarten in Japan
World’s Best Kindergarten in Japan

World’s Best Kindergarten in Japan

We saw this best kindergarten in Japan via TED talk several years ago. What a courageous try in architecture and philosophy! Takaharu Tezuka is an architect, founder of Tezuka Architects, and Professor at the Tokyo City University. Tezuka and his wife built schools centered on trees, play areas created from interwoven wooden beams and hospitals that

Why Japan Has No Mass Shootings?

Pray for all people impacted by mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida <10 shootings in Japan annually vs. 30000 in the US, what a big difference! Japanese people and government have learned a hard way during World War eras that violence is not going to bring any good to the

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Architecture in Memo Pads – Japanese Aesthetics

How different a memo pad could be? Japanese company Triad’s Omoshiroi Block is giving us the surprise. Adjective おもしろい/Omoshiroi has basically two meanings, ‘interesting’ or ‘funny’, which can be used in vary situations. One thing comes from both meanings, which is positivity, what we experience while watching at all these beautifully designed memo pads.  Tearing off

To Dye or Not to Dye?

There are many reasons why people dye their hairs. The most common reason of all could be covering gray hairs that add additional years to the person even that person is a high schooler. We have a friend in that situation. She started growing gray hairs since early high school time. Some say it is