Shiori Ito and The Black Box

Shiori, literally means woven by poems, what a beautiful name for an amazing woman. Her life should have been full of different colors, dreams, adventures until that night, when the darkness occupied her being. We are as shocked as Shiori. The fact that Japan’s journalism industry and police force are dominated by men, the lack of supporting environment for rape victims, the lagging of sex eduction among all ages like many other Asian developing countries, Japan has disappointed us when we found Shiori’s story. However, as Shiori speaks up in the sacrifice of losing her career, family, friends and life in the country she loves, this is an opportunity for people who love Japan to take actions, change things that block the light and make Japan better together.

To start with, we’d like to share Shiori’s story with friends around the world. Let’s break the black box and bring light into people involved or close to what happened so their minds can be open. We’d like to include the full video below in which Shiori told the story fully and answered questions from different media representatives. #MeToo didn’t kick a wave in Japan but Shiori is definitely stir the waters. Pray for her case at the civil court that can lead to a righteous result that she hasn’t been able to get from anywhere else.

Listen and watch Shiori’s story but don’t just stop there. Share, question and do sth. to carry on the courage with love

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