Snacks – Japanese Candies and Sweets


When is the best time for you to have sweets or candies? When being a couch potato, feeling stressful at work or simple wanting some flavor at the tongue? Compared with wagashi that is more high-end or formal to enjoy with during afternoon tea time, candies and sweets are for sure easier to get and enjoy during anytime.

What are unique or special about Japanese candies/sweets? First, they are all very cute! Remember the kawaii culture in Japan we talked about a little bit before? Not just to attract children as the main customer group, Japanese adults like cute packing or design/shape of the food itself. Everything about the candies make you feel happy from inside out.

Second, you can find all kinds of flavors of sourness, sweetness, sadness and happiness from Japanese candies. Especially when they are mixed with wasabi or stinky beans, or just in poop shape, insect shape, that can make you think twice before you try.

Last but not least, Japanese people make classic flavors more classic. Banana and chocolate, coca cola, lemon, strawberry, ice cream cones, vanilla, etc. They just taste so natural and authentic. There is no artificial flavor that you can feel.

Have a tease about this week's topic from the link below. Moretdm has done an amazing job to try a large variety of options and that might be why the video below is the most viewed on Youtube when you search 'Japanese Candies'.

Japanese Candy & Snack Box - Japan funbox
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