Snacks – Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko-Sato, Mushroom and Bamboo Chocolate


Except for Fujiya, another famous snack or chocolate/diary food company in Japan is Meiji Co. Ltd, now trading under the name Meiji Dairies Corporation. The two famous brother products from them are Kinoko no Yama, the mushroom shaped biscuit covered by chocolate and Takenoko-Sato, the bamboo shoot shaped biscuit covered by chocolate.

The true meaning of Kinoko no Yama is mushroom mountain and Takenoko-Sato means bamboo shoot village. They are popular among Japanese women, children and young adults not only because of their cute shapes, but also the classic taste of chocolate biscuits.

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Have fun and we are almost at the end of our Japanese snack topic. What shall be next? Let us know if you have any ideas 

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