Snacks – Peko-chan, Candy Icon in Japan

Japan is famous for its anime and cartoon creation industries and it's very common to see any type of company to have a cartoon character mascot for their products or services, including JR railway lines, amusement parks and even police department. One of the most well-known cartoon mascot in the candy or food industry is Peko chan, She was created Fujiya Food Service Co., Ltd, a nationwide chain of confectionery stores and restaurants in Japan.

Peko chan is a girl in pigtails liking her lips. She was born in 1950 in the "Land of dreams somewhere on earth” (a human for sure), she is a forever-6-year-old, and has a height of 100cm. Weighing just 15 kg, she has very unusual vital statistics: “58-55-63” (in cm). Her hobbies are baseball and pogo stick jumping, which is called “hopping” in Japanese. As for her favorite animals Fujiya states that they are puppies. Her name is a cute form of wordplay, referring to “hara peko” (腹ペコ) or ‘peko peko’, the onomatopoetic phrase for being hungry.

At the beginning, Peko chan was designated model and advocate for Fujiya's best known candy, Milky, which has been a long-selling chewy milk candy still popular all over Japan the overseas nowadays. Gradually the popularity of Peko chan made her the icon for the company and she started to appear on all kinds of Fujiya's products marketing or packaging. She now even co-owns a restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Peko chan definitely likes dressing up cutely for different occasions. Along with the classic Milky candy opened by Sue's Kawaii Collection

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