Snacks – Why would someone want a fake ice cream?

When we first saw the sweet that we will talk about today, we were wondering why would any company sell this if it's so easy to buy a real ice cream? It is called Caplico Stick (amazon link), which is a sweet crispy ice cream shape stick.

Three classic flavors come with the package, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. They totally look like a real ice cream scone. Starting from the top, it tastes like authentic creamy flavor one of the three. The bottom half is filled in with similar texture in chocolate flavor.

Now we get it! This is a product targeting at customers who love both crispy roll snacks, especially those with fillings and the cute looking of an ice cream! No wonder it is popular and to be honest, we definitely fall into the target customer group and enjoyed the fun tasting it )


Japanese Candy & Snack Box - Japan funbox
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