To Dye or Not to Dye?

There are many reasons why people dye their hairs. The most common reason of all could be covering gray hairs that add additional years to the person even that person is a high schooler. We have a friend in that situation. She started growing gray hairs since early high school time. Some say it is due to genes from her family. Some say that she should eat more sesame or food that protect hair quality. No one can really tell and it is not causing any health trouble to her. As it is a not a disease to be cured and it does affect the looking for the friend, she started dying her hair very young.

In Japan, except for the cases above, it has been a fashion trend for years, especially after the big East Japan earthquake in 2011. Young people were seeking hope and brightness of future in colors, including putting some on their hairs. Obviously, hair dyeing is also the biggest profit earner for beauty salons, more than hair cuts or perms, so the salon industry advertised and promoted about hair dye. Until recently, black hair becomes popular again as several big stars created famous characters with natural black hair.

In whichever cases, there is still high demand or market for hair dye products in Japan. As other categories in the country, manufacturers focuses on natural and eco-friendly materials for their products. As the population of customers with sensitive skin grew, hair dye manufacturers also need to consider the chemical elements in their products.

Along with our friend's experience for decades since she started trying different western or eastern hair dye products, we found several good hair dye options from Japan. They all come with no smell of chemicals that make users comfortable applying those products on their own. They are very easy to operate with the instructions and tools (comb-like brush, gloves, etc) in the package and one package can be used and stored after open for a long time for multiple times. If you are an Asian lady who dyes your hair regularly and would like to have the color as natural as possible, burgundy or dark red is the best! They also cover gray hair wonderfully.

Check out the products below and let us know if you like them!

  1. Dariya (The Best among all! Long-last, no smell, easy to use, cheap!)
  2. Cielo (no smell, easy to use, cheap but star fading a little bit before the hair outgrows)
  3. Liese (have some smell, ok to use, cheap and the cutest bubble looking)