Top 10 Fav Meal Series – Strawberry and other Giganic Fruits!

The last but not least of the Top 10. We save this for the last because it is the most Japanese meal option in our opinion. We haven't seen this available in any other countries in the world.

Some background contexts first. Fruits in Japanese are generally very expensive, at least 2-3 times more expensive than the same in the US. Reasons behind include a) Japan has very little arable land. Only 12% of its land mass is used for farming as compared to 45% in the United States. b)Japanese fruit orchards are small and the cost of living in Japan is high. In order to make a living, Japanese orchards must grow premium products that generate more benefits. Making a living in the agriculture industry is hard and costs a fortune in Japan.


Since fruits business is targeting at premium market, quality and size/looking are main specifications that Japanese orchards work towards. Bigger size with more beautiful looking can help raise the price. For example, color and shape of strawberry can be very important to gain customers. Also, definitely the quality of the fruit, e.g. sweetness and taste of a queen strawberry. There are all kinds of best fruit competition all around Japan annually. Heart-shaped/square/triangle watermelons, white strawberry, Ruby Roman grapes can go up to million of yen worth (thousands of USD). And the perfection gift of Japanese culture only add more to it.

Get your money ready and enjoy a feast of luxury fruits in Japan next time!

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