Top 10 Fav Meal Series – Sushi or Sashimi Part 2 – The Best in the Fish Market in Japan!

FYI, the majority of Tsukiji Fish Market has moved to Odaiba area inside the Toyosu Fish Market. Our fav Sushi Dai has moved to this new address 

Koto, 東京都 〒135-0061


As the seafood is raw, there is definitely health risk of eating so people need to be aware of any allergy or side effect before trying. The other important thing about eating raw seafood is freshness. The best freshness of the food adds great values to the taste and that's why going to a fish market to have sushi early in the morning is a must do for people who are really fond of sushi. The most famous fish market in Tokyo is Tsukiji Fish Market. There are several sushi restaurants there and originally those restaurants mainly serve local fishermen or people work at the market. The one we went to is a 12-seat tiny place called Sushi Dai (@築地 寿司大 Sushi Dai). They open from 5am to 2pm. It's very common to see people start lining up from 2am to wait for the first freshness form the ocean. 3-4 hours wait is expected. There are only two sets of sushi options. One is Omakase (Trust the Chef) set and the other is non-raw fish set. There is no menu of fishes or seafood included in the Omakase set because it changes everyday. It really depends on what fishes or seafood the place gets everyday and the chef will decide what sushi to make. Don't get us wrong. Although it is a mystery, when it is revealed, you will see the beautiful color of all kinds of seafood and each piece becomes a living creature in front of you.


Pick a windy and cold morning which might reduce the wait to 2-3 hours. Wear enough clothes to stay warm early in the morning. Also, go with at least a friend who can be your accompany. Although there would be enough people waiting with you, the wet atmosphere in the market will make you feel cooler and sleepy. You definitely wouldn't want to exhaust your phone battery, either if you'd like to take amazing food pictures after the wait. Don't forget, it is cash only!


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