Tory Burch or Tieks? Part Two

AupairToes didn’t plan to update so soon as the next step was wearing both pairs for at least 3 months and then provide an updated comparison. Here comes Part Two early as there are a few things to be mentioned now. It will be a short post though.

First thing to be corrected is around sizing.

In part one, size 6 in Tieks is almost the same as 6 1/2 in Tory Burch if they are compared on paper. Also, it usually takes a few days at least to break the leather which could give more space around the shoes to the feet. However, after wearing both pairs for about 2 weeks now (a few days in-between, AupairToes got a swollen foot due to fire-ant bites so she didn’t wear any shoes except for flip-floppers), Tieks size 6 is smaller than 6 1/2. Not a big gap, about half of the big toe difference but the gap is enough for AupairToes to feel some pains at the toe area. Tieks’ leather is very soft but the foldable design made weaken the stretchiness of the shape. AupairToes doesn’t think the half toe gap could be solved anytime soon by just wearing the shoes for longer. She is debating now if she shall order another pair of size 7 to continue this experiment. It will be a whole size up which AupairToes’ feet may not fit at all, either. Sadly, Tieks doesn’t have half-sizes. Hopefully AupairToes can find a solution before Part Three update.

How about moisture absorption for sweaty feet?

This is the move important reason why AupairToes is testing the shoes or learning shoemaking herself. There hasn’t been a pair of shoes with good quality leather insole that restrain the moisture issue for at least 24 hours. Tieks is definitely a winner in this aspect. Tory Burch’s leather is nappa processed goat skin, which absorbs the moisture better than an average $50-100 pair of flats which have lower quality leather or non-leather insole. After putting on Tory Burch on a normal day, pretty quickly some slight sweat may get built up after lunch. After the whole day walking between office, parking and grocery stores, AupairToes’ feet will stay sweaty slightly but not too much. It doesn’t generate smell which is a great sign. To maintain the shoes, AupairToes would apply to her feet before wearing in the morning, with corn starch (which is the main ingredient of baby powder but much cheaper solution with better environmental impact). And after coming home, AupairToes will put dry sheet in the shoes to help dry out the leather. Wearing Tieks is a way much better experience. Without applying corn starch, even after a whole day standing and walking around escape room and doing activities that celebrate a friend’s birthday, AupairToes’ feet remain quite dry. There is no smell either. Dry sheet is still a good idea to help.

So conclusion so far

  1. size 6 of Tieks is too small for a standard 6-6.5 foot. Size 6.5 in Tory Burch is a perfect fit
  2. Tieks’ leather insole is a way much better material to absorb moisture and prevent sweaty feet, which Tory Burch is just slightly better than any average shoes

Bonus recommendation:

Before this test, AupairToes found a cheap and effective solution for sweaty feet by putting the following lambskin insole into any shoes. The insole is sold out quickly and it looks like they don’t have any <size 7 options for several women products. However most American feet can use size 8 and above which they still have good selections. These insoles are really thin and comfortable. They work at least the same or better than Tieks’ insoles. The only downside is the size is not very accurate. Both pairs AupairToes got for two different options are much longer than our shoes. You probably can cut and adjust easily since the material is so thin.

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  1. Great follow up post. Since my last comment I have become a full fledged TieksBoy with 24 pairs of these cute little flats. Hope you’re still loving your.

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